What kind of service is Smart4me?
  • Smart4me is a free web service that enables anyone to easily produce and publicize a smartphone site.
    You can consolidate your latest information by adding social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs onto your site.
    There is no limit to how long and how much you can use Smart4me!
Is Smart4me free of charge?
  • Smart4me is a web service that is free of charge for up to 10 pages per user.
Is it possible to use Smart4me for commercial purposes?
  • Commercial use is allowed.
    Please use Smart4me for your own purposes after confirming with the details of the user’s agreement.
Is it possible to customize the design and layout of the smartphone site?
  • Right now, it isn’t possible. However, we are planning to enhance the functions in the nearby future.
I registered but have not received an e-mail for confirmation.
  • The registered e-mail address might be wrong. Please redo the registration with the correct e-mail address.
I cannot log in.
  • If you forgot your username, click “Forgot username” from the right menu to obtain your account information.
    If you forgot your password, you can set it again by clicking “Reset your password” from the right menu.
Is it okay to use my own original domain name?
  • The domain name for every smartphone site made with smart4me will be shown as http://smart4me.net/account name/.
I cannot see the address bar in the upper part of the browser when I look at my smartphone site.
  • You can display the address bar if you touch the uppermost part of your site’s page.
Is it possible to see the smartphone site I made through a PC?
  • The site you made with smart4me is a site only for smartphones.
    You can display it on your PC with Safari or Google Chrome though.
    However, please note that we cannot guarantee the behaviour and semantics of your site when shown on a PC.
I would like there to be more themes to choose from.
  • We plan to increase the number of themes in the nearby future.
The screen for editing Smart4me cannot be displayed.
  • It may take some time depending on your network from the time you click “Launch smart4me” and the pop-up screen comes up to the time the screen for editing smart4me is displayed.
    Please wait for a little bit in such a case until it is displayed.
I cannot access the registration screen or the editing screen by my smartphone.
  • The smart4me site (registration screen and editing screen, etc.) is for PCs.
    Please access them through a PC.

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