All you need is 10 minutes.

All you need is 10 minutes.

Even a beginner can immediately open it to the public in ten minutes if they have a personal computer.
All troublesome programming knowledge is unnecessary. Your smartphone site can be completed through an intuitive operation.

Make your site free of charge!

Make your site free of charge!

You can immediately open your smartphone site to the public completely free of charge for up to 10 pages.

Twitter,blogs,and more!

Twitter,blogs,and more!

Add Twitter,blogs and other social media to generate content in a second. It's so easy!

* We are planning to add Facebook in the near future too.

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About smart4me

What is smart4me?

The very first web service in the world that enables you to easily create sites for smartphones such as iPhone, Android, etc., and is free of charge !

You can easily create a smartphone site of your own for the public just like a blog. You can consolidate all of your latest information on your site by adding social media tools such as Twitter and blogs. The possibilities are up to you and your creativity! Register to active smart4me!

Step.1 Registering

User registration

Fill out the form and you are ready to go!


Step.2 Creating the smartphone site


Select from the available templates one that best suits you and type in what you want the world to know!


Step.3 Presenting to the public

Sites made by smart4me

All you need to do is choose the address for your site and push start. You can later edit your smartphone site at any time.